Michelle (ME!)

Hello guys! It is me Michelle. So as part of the Student Blogging Challenge #2 we have to write a post about our blog avatars. So here goes…

This is my avatar:avatarI have a Cat in the Hat hat because I LOVE to read good books. I have also dreamed of having my very Cat in the Hat hat. My hair is dark brown/ black in real life. I almost never do my hair in a ponytails but I thought it would look nice. I have a sandwich because I like sandwiches! I have a light saver because I am obsessed with things that grow in the dark. I LOVE glow sticks, light savers, and flash lights. I have red and white clothes because I thought they would match the hat nicely. I have a forest background because I have always wanted to go to the forest and see animals. Overall I would say that this avatar looks 95% like me. Well, that’s my avatar! <3

7 thoughts on “Michelle (ME!)

  1. Dear Michelle, I really like your avatar. You will see mine when you approve my comment. It is of my dog when she was a puppy. If you want to visit my blog you can go to laurena18.edublogs.org
    Hope you like it! 🙂
    Great Work!
    -Lauren A. 🙂

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  3. Michelle, I love the fact that you are in the forest, ready to protect and defend (with the lightsaber), but also ready to have lunch (the sandwich) at the same time. And that you have so much knowledge from and love of reading books. This avatar really shows your unique and fun personality!

  4. I thought that your paragraph told a lot about yourself. I think it was pretty cool how you told the reader about what you were wearing and what it represented I hope to be seeing more of your posts!:D

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