Response to Literature: The Graduation of Jake Moon

For an assignment in Language Arts, we had to read a book and write a response to it.

Your Grandpa just got Alzheimer’s disease and he is now ruining your social life. In The Graduation of Jake Moon by Barbara Park, a boy named Jake has a perfect life until his grandpa Skelly gets Alzheimer’s disease. You need to be kind for those who need help. First Skelly gets Alzheimer’s, which basically starts the whole problem. Secondly, Skelly breaks both of his wrists when he tries to bring a table down the stairs by himself. Instead of being kind to Skelly, Jake feels embarrassed that Skelly is this grandfather. Third, Jake starts sixth grade and he runs for class treasurer but then he drops out because he is scared that the kids might find out about Skelly. Instead of being kind to Skelly, Jake just gives up and hopes that no one finds out about his grandpa. Fourth, Skelly goes missing because he is left alone and everyone is looking for him. This is when Jake begins to realize that he should have some compassion for his “disabled” grandpa. Last, at Jake’s graduation, logs of people come but one doesn’t so everyone goes outside to look, except Skelly. Skelly should not be left alone. He starts to climb up the stage. Jake helps him and that is when he finally realizes that he just needs to be kind and everything will be ok. Everyone should learn that you need to be kind for those who need help.

You need to be kind to those who need help. When Skelly got Alzheimer’s, he lost his car keys once and blamed it on Jake. Instead of helping Skelly look for them, Jake just yelled and he was not being kind to Skelly. Jake just ended up crying in frustration. This proves that you need to be kind to those who need help. If Jake would have been kind to Skelly and not yelled at him, things would have turned out ok; without crying.
Another example is when Skelly goes missing. Jake at one point thinks that Skelly left because Jake yelled at him in the morning and he took away Skelly’s Cheerios. If Jake had been kinder and not taken away Skelly’s Cheerios in the morning, Jake would have not felt guilty for the disappearance of Skelly. At the end everyone finds out that Skelly left because he was left alone. This is when Jake realized that Skelly could have also left because of the Cheerio incident. He sees that he needs to be kinder. Everyone needs to be kind to those who need help.
My last example is at Jake’s graduation. Skelly is left alone while an invited guest that didn’t come. Skelly climbs up the stage in the middle of the ceremony. Jake starts to feel embarrassed, but then he cools down and remembers that he should be kind. Jake kindly walks over to Skelly and helps him down the stairs and back to his seat. This is the moment when Jake realizes that all you need is kindness and everything will be ok. You need to be kind to those who need help.
In conclusion, you need to be kind to those who need help is the theme of the story. If Jake had realized that before, a lot of his life would have been easier when dealing with Skelly. I think the author wants us to learn that we need to be kind to people who need help, like Skelly.

Forms of Fiction Skits: Tim O’ Toole & the Wee Folk

Mc Goons: Ashley and Michelle
Tim: Brigette
Wife: Ashley
Child: Michelle
Wee Folk Leader

Stereotypical Play

Wife: Oh Tim! We have only a few crumbs left and we are starving! Please get a job so we can afford some food!
Child: Please daddy! I am hungry!
Tim: Alright. I will set out to the farmland to get a job.
~Next Day: Farmland~
Tim: I don’t think a few minutes would matter. I shall rest upon this rock.
~Wakes Up~
Wee Folk: ~Dancing and Singing~
Tim: Who are you?
Wee Folk: We are magical leprechauns that grant wishes. You have found us, so now you get a wish!
Tim: I know! I will wish for some gold so I can buy some food for my family!
Wee Folk: Gold it is! This goose lays golden eggs. Tell not a soul. Go straight home!
Tim: I’ll stop by the McGoons’ and I will show off my new gift!
McGoons: Please, please, spend the night here. It is much to late to go home.
Tim: Great idea! I will set my goose by the fire place!
~Night: Tim= sleep~
McGoons: Let’s replace his goose with ours then we’ll get all the gold we want!
~Next Day: Tim’s home~
Tim: Wife! I have brought you this goose that lays golden eggs!
~Waits Days~
Wife: Tim, this goose does nothing but make noise. Let’s kill it for dinner instead.
~Next Day: Tim w/Wee Folk~
Tim: You guys lied! The goose lays NO golden eggs!
Wee Folk Leader: I see. You told the McGoons and they switched it. It is fine. I will give you a different gift.
Tim: What is it?
Wee Folk Leader: This table cloth gives you all the food you need. Go straight home and tell not a soul.
Tim: I will go home.
~Tim Goes Home~
Wife: Tim, what have you brought us?
Child: I’m hungry.
Tim: I brought you this table cloth.
Child: What does it do?
Tim: Every time you lay it out it fills with a feast!
Wife: Thank you husband! You have brought us food for life!
Child: Thank you!!!
Tim: You’re welcome.
Together: THE END!!!

Non-Stereotypical Skit

Wife: We are starting to run out of food. Let’s go get some.
Tim: We will have to take the children.
Wife: That’s right. It will be harder. Why don’t you stay here?
Tim: It will be dangerous for a woman.
Wife: A woman can do what a man can do. We are equal.
Tim: If you say so. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
Wife: Humbug!

~Wife Walking: Spots Something~

Wee Folk: ~Singing and Dancing~ Oh! You have spotted us! You get a wish!
Wife: I would like some gold to buy some food for my family.
Wee Folk: Very well. Here is a goose that lays golden eggs. Take it and walk straight home. Tell not a soul.

~Walks Home~

Wife: Husband I have brought you this goose that lays golden eggs. We will buy food with the gold.
Tim: We will never go hungry again!
Together: THE END!!!

Cinco De Mayo!!

Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone! It is time to celebrate the win of the Mexican army over the French forces. This holiday is celebrated nationwide but especially in the state of Puebla, Mexico. This is NOT Mexico’s independence day. The most patriotic holiday celebrated in Mexico is September 16. Well I would just like to wish all of you a happy Cinco De Mayo! Eat lots of traditional food like tamales, enchiladas, chiles rellenos, etc. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!




She jumps around

She steals everyone’s food

She poke A LOT

I love my buddy

She is fun to be with

She is fun to talk to

She is always there

I love my buddy

I love her like a mother loves her child

I love her like an author loves to write

I love her for life

I love my buddy

Nina. <3


My lord

My pastor

My savior

I love my God

He listens

He helps

I love my God

I visit him every Sunday

I put my life on God

He will protect it

I love my God

My lord

My pastor

My savior

I love my God <3


I can tell her anything

She is my mom

She calls me “honey”

I love her like a fat boy loves cake.

She listens to me

and  helps

She is my gide

She gives me advice

She helps me with my problems

I trust she won’t tell.

I love her

Ashley. <3

Christofer Drew Ingle

Thank you for breaking your leg

If you hadn’t, you wouldn’t have entered the world of making music

Your music is a light in my soul

It makes my day

I love all your songs

My favorites are “What is Love?” and “Love is our Weapon”

They inspire me.

They give me something to look up to.

All your music is like sugar on a lemon

Your music can cheer up even the saddest person

The beautiful tone in your voice,

is like rich chocolate icing

I love it.

Thank you for NeverShoutNever

I love you guys.

You will always make my day.

Thanks… <3


Splash, Splash on the roof

My favorite season ever

Winter. cold, fresh, clean.


What is your favorite season?

Why is this your favorite season?

Can you write a haiku about it?

Did you like my haiku?

Please comment!!!



Michelle (ME!)

Hello guys! It is me Michelle. So as part of the Student Blogging Challenge #2 we have to write a post about our blog avatars. So here goes…

This is my avatar:avatarI have a Cat in the Hat hat because I LOVE to read good books. I have also dreamed of having my very Cat in the Hat hat. My hair is dark brown/ black in real life. I almost never do my hair in a ponytails but I thought it would look nice. I have a sandwich because I like sandwiches! I have a light saver because I am obsessed with things that grow in the dark. I LOVE glow sticks, light savers, and flash lights. I have red and white clothes because I thought they would match the hat nicely. I have a forest background because I have always wanted to go to the forest and see animals. Overall I would say that this avatar looks 95% like me. Well, that’s my avatar! <3