Everyday Heroes We Know

Everyday Heroes We Know

My Mom lived her childhood in Torreon, Coahuila Mexico. She lived in a place were everyone was poor, yet the people living there were very happy. My mom loved to play games with the many neighborhood kids. Everyone knew my Mom as the good girl who always helped everyone. The school was a small place with alot of kids who were trying to learn. My Mom loved school and tried her best, yet she was not the brightest or best student. Since everyone was poor my Mom knew she had to try her best in school so she could have a better future. All the kids in the neighborhood used to get together and dream about things they would possibly never have. The hot months were feared by the people in the neighborhood because strong anh harsh wind storms hurt the people’s houses, shops, farms, and personal belongings. The cold winter months were feared as well. When it got cold, it got cold! The freezing temperatures were hard to live through. Again, since the people were poor, they could not afford warm coats or not even the cheapest heater. Outside of her small neighborhood, there was a beautiful city were fancy tourists came to visit. Many landmarks were found big and beautiful city of Torreon. Farmer’s markets, churches, and lots of people were found almost everywhere. As you can see, my Mom lived where everyone was poor, but happy.

There were many difficulties in my Mom’s life. My Mom had to face the hard but common difficulty of poverty. Her family was very poor . They struggled very hard to put food on the table every day. Sometimes her family had to eat sardines or even edible grass found in the woods. “No me gusta esta comida![I don’t like this food!]” my Mom said one day , clearly stating that she did not like the food.

“Si estudias, tu puedes comer la comida que comen las rienas,[If you sudy, you can eat the food that the queens eat,]” her mom said one day. Since that day, my Mom set a goal to herself that she would study hard and not have to eat sardines or wild grass. There was also the big struggle of weather. When it was windy, there were strong harsh winds that destroyed many things like homes, trees, crops, windows, etc. When it rained, everyone was scared their houses would flood or even worse, that the river would flood and soak the entire neighborhood. This was a scary thought because that would make them poorer than they already were.

Since there were a lot of difficulties to overcome, my Mom had to find a way to overcome them. Ever since my Mom’s mom had told her f she studied, my Mom could have anything she wanted, my Mom set her mind that she was going to graduate from a good collage, my Mom set her mind that she was going to graduate from a good school and get a good job so she could have anything she wanted. So my Mom made it and completed collage at a technical school in Mexico. Then she came to California with some friends to work in a computer making factory. Once my Mom got some money saved up , she went back to Mexico with her savings to help her family. She did not make them rich, but enough to get some good food and everyday necessities. Her family needed this money because her dad was the only one that worked, he was a painter. He did not get many jobs because the people had very little money to even worry about painting their house. My Mom could not do anything about the weather, but she gave her family some money to build a good wall and fence to protect their house. It was hard to overcome these struggles, but my Mom made out with some time, patience, and confidence.

My Mom has achieved some great goals. She graduated from C.E.T.I.S. [Center of Technical Studies of Institute services. It makes sense in Spanish.]  That was a big deal since she was first person to graduate from a collage in her family. To make it even better, my Mom even got some degrees in collage.  She also managed to marry another person I admire, my Dad, create a family, and mantain her kids healthy and strong to this day. My Mom does not work, but she spends most of her time volunteering at Billy Mitchell Elementary School. Her current goal is to help her children [us] go to the university. She also wants to teach us to always love God over everything . She also wants to return back to school in the future considering her busy schedule.

My Mom is my hero because she is always caring for me and giving me good advice. She helps me when I have problems and when I need help. She is a hard worker and I admire her very much. She is one of the people that I could never live without. I love my Mom, and that is why she is my hero.